Join the 4th Global Conference on Children and Youth (GCCY) in Cambridge 2024

The 4th Global Youth Conference on Children and Youth (GCCY) promises an enriching exploration into the critical issues affecting young populations. Set against the backdrop of Cambridge, this international youth conference brings together leading academics, educators, researchers, and representatives from various sectors.

Scheduled from June 7th to 9th, 2024, at the prestigious Møller Institute, University of Cambridge, GCCY offers a comprehensive platform for discussing and dissecting vital subjects crucial to youth development. From educational policies to societal challenges, the conference covers an extensive range of topics through insightful presentations and interactive sessions.

Key Dates and Venue

  • Paper Submission Deadlines: May 17, 2024
  • Conference Dates: June 7 – 9, 2024
  • Venue: The Møller Institute at Churchill College, University of Cambridge

Why Attend?

Participating in GCCY opens doors to unparalleled opportunities:

  • Engage in discussions on emerging trends and challenges.
  • Present your research and potentially get published in esteemed journals.
  • Expand networks with academia and industry experts.
  • Experience Cambridge’s rich history and culinary delights.

Who Should Attend?


GCCY welcomes educators, researchers, students, and representatives from diverse organizations, fostering engaging dialogues towards advancing youth well-being.

Mode of Presentation

Choose from oral presentations, poster presentations, or virtual sessions, allowing maximum engagement and participation.

Call for Papers and Topics

Submit papers on various themes including Child Education, Youth Employment, Mental Health, and more, for a chance to contribute to the conference discourse.

Join the Global Dialogue

GCCY encourages collaboration and exchange of ideas, contributing significantly to shaping a better future for our youth.


Don’t miss the chance to be part of GCCY 2024, a catalyst for innovative solutions and impactful discussions on matters crucial to children and the global youth conference.

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