TECONF 2024: Shaping the Future of Education – International Conference on Teaching and Education

Join the TECONF 2024, an international education conference that redefines the landscape of education. From May 17th to 19th, Liverpool hosts this prestigious event, bringing together educators, researchers, and innovators from across the globe.

Navigating Education’s Future

In a rapidly evolving world, education stands as a cornerstone for progress. TECONF 2024 aims to explore emerging trends, innovative methodologies, and policy shifts that shape the educational sphere. Engage in discussions, share your insights, and help drive impactful changes in the sector.

Key Conference Features

TECONF 2024 provides diverse presentation opportunities. Be a speaker, showcasing your research to a global audience, or join as a listener, absorbing wisdom from renowned experts. Explore your preferred mode, whether it’s an oral, online, or poster presentation, and be part of the vibrant exchange of ideas.

Themes and Discussions


With a focus on crucial themes like educational policies and inventive teaching approaches, the conference promises thought-provoking discussions. Embrace the call for papers, delve into these topics, and be inspired by leaders in the field.

Publication and Networking

Participate in TECONF 2024 to unlock numerous publication avenues, ensuring your research reaches a wide audience. Engage in stimulating discussions, challenge norms, and network with fellow educators, driving positive transformations in education.

Ethical Standards

At TECONF, every submission undergoes a stringent plagiarism check to uphold academic integrity, ensuring only authentic research is disseminated.


TECONF 2024 offers a unique opportunity in the realm of education conferences to shape the future of education. Join us in Liverpool or virtually to contribute, learn, and collaborate, empowering education for a better tomorrow.

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